A friend asked me to do a couple favors for him last week and then the efforts ended up being a total waste of time.

This after I got home at varying hours known as “stupid o’clock” around here and then stayed up till “hella stupid o’clock” to accommodate.

I did reach out to ask, “What the actual fuck?” but I have yet to hear a reply.

In any event, I was thinking how late “stupid” and “hella stupid” o’clock really are.

And how, if one cannot achieve what one needs to by “just past reasonable o’clock,” then it should be considered “beyond reasonable” and one should disconnect before they get into the territory where they could potentially disengage permanently.

The thing is, even though “stupid” was the word last week, I still dragged home a boatload of work over the weekend. Because, in my world, you don’t get downtime to finish it if you wait a few days.

Nay. You just have More To Do and Fewer Hours to Do It … that is, unless you let everything bleed into “hella stupid” hour.

When I say this is the year of more, I hope it’s not more stress. Because there, I’m already an overachiever, thanks.

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