Still not going

The deadline to pay for another event to skip is today.

Despite myriad messages from the organizers, it’s still a hard pass.

Travel and lodging and making arrangements here at home notwithstanding, I considered going for a second.

I was going to donate, like I did to the last event. It’s not fair Sharon and Beth have to foot the bill for this thing.

Then I watched the comments under every call to pay. Sharon could not have made it any easier — here’s our PayPal link; if you prefer Venmo or some other method, DM me.

There are these two sisters I didn’t know who post under every post from an organizer. Dipshit 1 always posts, “I DON’T HAVE PAYPAL. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOO.” Dipshit 2 always posts, “I’M BRINGING MY HUSBAND BUT WE HAVE TO PAY CASH AT THE DOOR BECAUSE WE HAVE TO SAVE UP.”

It’s $30.

I was almost moved to pay for their tickets so I don’t have to fucking hear from them again. But then I realized it’s cheaper to leave the chat.

They also post that they don’t know how DMs work. And they say they never get the messages Sharon sends to them. LIKE BITCHES, DM HER YOU DUMB FUCKS I CANNOT EVEN GAAAHHHHHH.

The guest list continues to get weirder. I’m half tempted to go to Pittsburgh anyway and not tell anyone. Or invite the organizers to enjoy a celebratory cocktail afterward.

In other weird developments, Evel sent me a friend request.

Like, bitch, no.

It was never going to come from me. I rarely send friend requests. Especially not to folx who claim I do.

I wonder if she’s genuinely ready to bury the hatchet. Or if she’s just curious what I’m up to. Or if she’s trying to stir up shit.

My guess is No. 3.

Mom offers a fourth option — she actually forgets or doesn’t know how deep my disgust runs.

Either way, I rejected that shit on sight.

After I checked her out, of course.

Did I say the nuts go into the healing arts? She works in an emergency room.

If I could figure out which one, I’d tell everyone not to go there.

Or maybe she found her calling. Don’t know, don’t care.

Stay out of my present and I’ll stay out of yours.

Good life advice in general, right there.

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