So this is what it feels like to be free

I haven’t been catty in a while. That’s because I’ve decided good things come to good people and damn it, I’m sick of jeopardizing my karma simply by calling things as I see them.

You’d be proud of me that Whorothy changed her Facebook photo a week ago and I haven’t said a word. *halo*

Actually I have to hand it to her, she is pictured with a guy who is about the same level of attractive (*cough cough not*). She even looks happy and, dare I say, as pretty as she’ll ever be.

I don’t know that it ends her saga with the boy I cared about. (I don’t use the word “whore” lightly.) After all, men can be idiots when it comes to the girl they think they love.

But what it tells me is that I have more important things to worry about, and that clan ain’t in the top 50.

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