Scrambled, fried and quite possibly poached

I have been killing myself at work. Literally, scrambling. Now? I am cooked. Fried. Poached.

Spent most of the day in la-la land. Not that I don’t have eleventy frllion things to do before Monday. But, you know. Maybe if I weren’t quite so exhausted from every day leading up to this one, I could have used today productively.

Oh well. Just happy to be employed. And happier still that I could afford a day of mental rest. I’ll pay for it next week when one of my guys is out (and one of my gals was out last week — notice the “why I’m fried” pattern here). But I fly outta this bitch the week of the 17th and I am working toward that!

I just got to thinking that it’s time to pull out the notebook (yes, paper and pen! Horrors!) a little more frequently than blog-dumping. It’s time to stir up some trouble and I don’t want a paper trail! 😀 Not until I can get my story straight, anyway!

God it feels good to be alive again. …

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