Scale fail

Well, I dragged my pudgy pork roast ass to my meeting today. I felt like I hadn’t lost *much* but it was a nearly pound and a half gain.

Fat. Ass.

The gal who weighs me in looks and talks exactly like my girl Vitamin D. The meeting leader always brings her up at the end of the meeting to hawk products, as there is an on-site store full of overpriced, cardboard-tasting treats. You can tell she hates to make the sales pitches, so she always says how good the measuring cups are for vodka and how wine goes well with everything they sell.

(Miss you, Vitamin D! *waves*)

She was concerned about my gain but she also said that she’s happy I came back the day after a “food holiday.”

I felt like crap for most of the meeting, until they said that our collective group lost 25 pounds this week … and it’s a group of 50 people. And two people lost five pounds apiece, so what does that tell you about all of us? That we are human. That losses were small if they happened, and more people either gained or maintained.

So, we are all fallible together.

Normally I stop off at the Brooklyn bagel shop for cawfee and a bagel. But I realized last week that my whole-wheat everything is actually the most-fattening thing they have on the menu. So, we’ll be taking a hiatus from THOSE for a while!

I think bread was my saboteur this week. I didn’t eat much bread but I felt like I had it with everything — a bagel, a tortilla, a hot dog bun, a slider bun. Even though I always throw away half, I felt like I had more bread-centered meals than normal.

Another thing I feel like I do wrong is the electronic points tracking. I did very well when I did paper tracking. I think I was more honest about it. Now that you can pull out your phone and find four million listings for whatever soup you had, it’s too easy to randomly pick the item with the point value you think it is.

We already know I don’t know thing one about portion sizes, so I might just select a six-ounce veggie soup for four points when we all know it was more like eight or 10 ounces and it had cheese in it and was probably more like nine points.

Like I told my meeting leader today, I am a budgeter. Time, general ledgers, etc. I make shit work on paper. And I feel like when it comes to tracking my food, I find my victory more in “I ate all my points today!” rather than in facing just how many points I did (or didn’t) eat. Because I do go over and I certainly stay under.

We talk a lot about NSVs. No, not Net Asset Values (I know, wrong acronym, but I really do read balance sheets an awful lot), but Non-Scale Victories.

Mine? I don’t go trick-or-treating from colleagues’ desks at night when I get hungry. I haven’t had a piece of candy in three weeks. And I don’t actually miss it.

My big “slip-up,” if you will, is that I hit the vending machine yesterday for a granola bar — which was a disappointing five points. But meh. I felt a lot better about that choice than grabbing a Reese’s cup from the skinniest person in the office’s candy jar.

So, this week it’s all about the NSV. Next week, onward but NOT upward on the scale!

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