My D.C. friends called me for our annual February “reunion.”

I almost didn’t go because, Covid. But I didn’t see them last year. And I really do enjoy seeing them.

When I went to meet them, I got a surprise in the form of another friend. This one I haven’t seen since she came down here to stay with me over a decade ago.

My friends gave us access to a conference room and she and I talked All Day yesterday.

We laughed and cried and reminisced but really talked about things that are happening now.

We took photos and you can tell I was crying all day but she looks great. You can’t even tell she’s worried about someone in the hospital back home.

She didn’t know that I hired a gal a couple of years ago because she reminded me of her. The gal became an instant friend and I enjoy her so much.

I was right — they not only look alike, but have the same big heart and crazy work ethic. My old friend said OK show me a photo because I want to see the new me.

I also got to hang out with a well-known journalist. And the reason I did was because someone at this event told me, she wants to meet you so get over there now.

She was wonderful. Elegant. The picture of grace.

Really, all the wives of my former writers are class acts. Truly remarkable, sophisticated, articulate and accomplished women.

It’s breathtaking, really, getting to hang out with such high-quality people again.

I’d forgotten what that’s like.

It was so good to be with my people, old and new.

This is what Covid robbed of us for too long.

I still didn’t use elevators or anything. Too peopley. But I needed and gave hugs. Lots and lots of those.

I’m quarantining after enjoying a day out in the wild. Here’s hoping I didn’t bring anything home except a heart that’s a lot lighter than it was 24 hours ago.

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