I decided last Saturday that I want to lose 10 pounds by the time I take a vacation in December. So today’s 1.8-pound loss is a Good Thing.

Of course, the lady I sat next to at the meeting today has lost 20 pounds in two months, compared to my 17 pounds in four months. And she says to me, “What are you doing wrong?”


She wasn’t being annoying on purpose. I realize she has a good 40 pounds on me and frankly it’s easier to lose weight when you have more to lose. And she’s old. So she gets a pass. 😉

I said I don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong. I explained that when I did WW in D.C., I lived on Fiber One bars, salads and Smart Ones entrees. I had NO ENJOYMENT.

I also had NO IDEA I would leave town. I never DREAMED I wouldn’t get to eat at all my favorite restaurants again. And now here I am in pretty much the world’s worst place for food choices. (Our specialty is the fact that you can eat outdoors. What you eat is usually a disappointment.)

So yeah, I eat what I want, when I want and frankly as much or as little as I want. Whenever I go overboard, I schedule a “vegetarian-only day” to cleanse myself.

It may be slow, but it’s how I’m doing it.

I’m glad I had a good week. I usually have one good week a month so hooray, this was it. My anxiety has been over-the-top lately and that usually fucks with my weight loss.

I was actually PANTING yesterday; I was working so hard and so long. Add two messed-up cars to the mix (I was so busy, I couldn’t even make it to my appointment yesterday for Samantha) and the only thing that stresses me out more than work itself is GETTING THERE.

Alas, the deep-breathing exercises worked. As has getting up once an hour as WW recommended. Four pounds till I get to my 10% weight-loss goal. If the 70-year-old who sat behind me can do it, so can I …

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