Little pink (houses) tank tops for you and me

A couple years ago, I put a pic on Insta with all my pink tank tops from my travels. That was my favorite souvenir to collect.

Some cherub who loves to stick her nose in my business and then whine that I make fun of her nose (I make fun of it being in my business, but OK, keep lying and saying I was mocking your anatomy) had about 10 tweets about my photo.

Let’s see …

there was the “shallow shopaholic” shit …

then there was the sad collection of “beach town tank tops” that I believe was even retweeted to make sure I saw it again …

then there was the claiming of the color pink as her favorite … plus everything else I like, like astrology and tarot and Taylor Swift and RTing literally everyone I follow on social media …

then there was the extended dance remix of me spending my whole vacations in gift shops while she knows how to vacation so much better …

and of course I forgot about the 40 tweets about some bracelet I tried on and left at a store after I photographed it.

I’m posting this so she can also see the magnet, postcard and bottle of hot sauce I bought when I day-tripped to Key Largo on Friday … ENJOY!

See, this is the point where she will sic someone on me to say “StOp WrItInG aBoUt HeR!”

Sure. Her first.

In any event, maybe she’ll order him the hot sauce or make him take her there and buy him a bottle.

Not for him to enjoy but, in her mind, to make me jealous. Literally every post she makes is either to mock me or to brag.

I would like to say for the first and final time, I ain’t jealous.

What I am is happy to have proof that even the world’s least lovable (IMHO) can find someone to love them.

Gives me hope, really. That there are angels here on earth.

Maybe someday they can all show me on the doll what those pink tank tops did to them.

And what I really want to know is how someone can call someone else a “shallow shopaholic” when all the stuff in their house had to get there somehow.

At least I have good taste!

And don’t even get me started how she says I drunk-tweet when she’s the one always posting about booze. Shallow alcoholic?

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