Like I don’t overshare enough

So I really really really really really want to start a new blog. A profeshunal-type one. Like, with my name on it and shit.

I’ve mastered about nine jobs and I’d like to yap about that. In a profeshunal way, of course — not the existential madness to which it drives me that I cover more than adequately on this page.

I’d also like to find something that makes me happy and sane and bursting with self-love. Which, OK fine I’d probably NEVER launch the new fucking blog if I’m waiting for THAT day to come.

But … there has got to be a way to marry what makes me happy with what pays for this brokedown palace and the swigs of booze that get me through (or over) another day, yes?

I’d love to spew all the joyous things I’ve learned about my field, all the bullshit I’ve learned to sidestep on the way up, all the shit in which I’ve stepped that keeps me stuck, the really funny shit that crosses my mind every given day that I cannot say to a soul, the horrid impact my work life has had on friendships and relationships, the hideous things being a workaholic has done to my ability to exercise (hah) or diet (HAH), the things I tell myself to keep myself off the ledge, the things I do to get my revenge on the world and the sense of humor I haven’t yet managed to lose.


What might you call a mess like that? That would still allow me to use my true Goddess identity?

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