All the memes going into 2021 encouraged us to enter quietly. Don’t touch anything. Maybe it won’t see us here.

Well, that lasted three days.

I dreamed that I saw my old UWD boss. There’s no love lost there on either side. I was in a European airport, dancing around (because hello, travel!) and also the floor squares lit up. It was snowing outside and I was able to step out and see amazing water views and aurora borealis skies.

Anyway the boss gave me 100 euros and said let’s move on. I took the money and he was gone.

I woke up to learn that one of our colleagues from those days died.

This person was more than a colleague, although we did work at two different jobs together. I knew their family. Parents, siblings, and one of their now two kids.

I have to say, that family makes beautiful babies. That’s what happens when beautiful people get together with other beautiful people. And kind, too. Everyone was so kind.

I got to thinking about the last time I saw them. The boss had just quit and we were all banished to the hinterlands. They lasted a month in the new arrangement.

JB turned me on to a breakfast place that would become my all-time favorite. I only took certain people there. And I would tell them about my friend who introduced me to it.

I think about how shoddily we were treated then. It worked out for me — I outlasted everyone and would still be there if not to get away from pesky spirits that refuse to cross over.

But it wasn’t easy. Nothing good ever is.

In any event, I used to speak of the talent we lost in not making certain people happy enough to stay.

Today I speak of the time that was wasted of them suffering and feeling bad, when they would only have four more years to live.

May the road rise to meet you, JB. Give S. a big hug for me. Because she will definitely have one waiting for you.

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