Far Niente

Far Niente is one of my favorite wines, for those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for every occasion. But it’s more.

If you saw “Eat Pray Love,” you’ll know that “dolce far niente” is the sweetness of doing nothing. It was used in the Italy portion of the movie, in the context of how Americans work their asses off and we carry our stress every day of our miserable lives because we have no idea how to just stop and enjoy.

We just can’t, you know? I was just flipping a coin over whether I want to work my 12 hours at home or add two hours in the car in commuting time to it. When I thought, Jesus, Goddess. NO COMMUTE. ENOUGH STRESS ALREADY.

Besides, I won’t get this “week off” (hah) again. Sure, squinting at the laptop is making me nuts. But it’s as close to “far niente” as my life currently allows.

God I need to move to Europe.

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