Doing the ‘apology’ thing

I yanked down a post that I’d put up last night about the Little Whore on the Prairie. Which, I found highly amusing. But I realize that my acerbic wit is entertaining about things and places, but not people. Even those I don’t respect.

Not that I will ever stop having these thoughts about certain people. I just need to realize the line between articulating them for a laugh and articulating them and, in effect, “outing” somebody else’s secrets to set up my brilliant gags.

I still think she’s a bloviating fool until proven otherwise. But there’s no point in me keeping company with the riff-raff … I should ALWAYS rise above … even when I’m coming from a place of very deep hurt that tends to let my evil twin take over my tongue (or typing fingers).

In any event, I had left my dashboard open all day after I removed the post. And I accidentally just published a work article on here that was meant to go into ANOTHER WordPress site. Whoops! It would have been the most-intelligent thing you ever would have read on here.

Maybe it’s not the worst idea to not talk about my stupid feelings. Or, at the very least, this is a good reminder to me to feel free to post about my feelings and not about other people whom I love(d) and their terrible, awful, (w)horrible taste in women. 😀

Note to self: Get better at this “apologizing” thing!

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