Well, I think the duck-kicking bitch won this round. My old duck who hung around is now gone. If I know her, she probably kicked him and sicced her ugly beasts on him and did him in.

I guess all neighbors have to be shitheads. The Hyatt family down in Plantation does a massive Christmas light show every year. And the city is closing down the roads to the house and making people park and walk a mile if they want to see it.

On top of that, they are fining the family $250 a day.

Their house is the only sign of Christmas south of Orlando. They ask you to donate to food banks and the Humane Society and children’s charities, if you’re so inclined to show your appreciation.

My mom can’t walk 10 steps without wincing in pain. No way we can attend this year.

It’s people like the Hyatts who make life wonderful, and people like Cuntzilla the Duck-Kicking Bitch and probably just one or two grinches in Plantation who ruin it for everybody.

I will just be over here writing reports if anyone needs me. And watching out my window for a duck-kicking cunt who needs her ass beaten …

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