Cryin like a Lion

I know today’s full moon in Leo can be an emotional one. (Since when are Lions emotional?) But, damn.

I went to the pet store last night, as one does 10 times a week with all the little befanged and toofless mouths one feeds three times a day.

As always, I checked in on Caleb and Piper.

Only … Piper was gone and Caleb wouldn’t even look up at me the three times I passed by.

These two have been in my heart since some twits failed to adopt Caleb away from the brother with whom he was bonded.

Every subsequent visit, those two cuddle bugs were wrapped up in each other in a small carrier.

I couldn’t believe someone didn’t grab them both. But then again, we are in the store because we already have our own zoos at home.

Now it was Piper with the unusual markings who has a new home, and sweet Caleb was without someone to love in a cold cage under bright lights.

I tell my good kitties Cocoa and Bella to be grateful that Magic is such a handful. Because I love me a good gray kitty and I would have plunked down whatever it takes to give him a home.

Seriously, who breaks up bonded pairs? Who LETS them? Is it the rescue that sponsors them? Is it the kids who run the store? Or am I just too sensitive and we should be grateful that at least one has humans to call his own?

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