I ducked into Pet Supermarket for a minute tonight. Since they don’t advertise on Fox News like Petsmart/Chewy.

There are always kittens available for adoption from Peggy Adams.

Today I stopped to say hi to two cuddle bugs, curled up together in a tiny crate.

I wished my babies liked each other that much.

Then I heard a couple barrel up behind me. They said loudly, “We are here for Caleb.” I guess they thought I was going to adopt him.

I wasn’t sure who Caleb was. This is a triple-decker cat cage. The two bonded brothers were in the center.

I walked away and heard the store worker say, “You brought your cat?”

“Yep! We want to see how he and Caleb get along.”

I thought damn that’s weird. What if their cat wasn’t vaxxed? Then I remembered that we are in the third yer of a pandemic and realized no one gives a fuck about that sort of thing.

In any event, I watched them hold their little orange kitty into the cage I had been looking at. Everyone was calm … except me.


I was stunned silent. Had the 18-year-old “shift supervisor” cash me out. Couldn’t even choke out my phone number to get my rewards for the visit.

I should have said something. I should’ve asked if they were at least considering taking the other baby. I mean, you are cat people. You know the only reason they are alive is because they stuck together, right?

I am so haunted by this.

Mom said go back tomorrow and see what happened. I said do you want a fourth cat?

Because the one left behind is probably crying himself to sleep right now and I cannot handle leaving behind a baby who lost his best friend.

And if Magic doesn’t start acting right around his sisters, it might just be that I take him to meet his new best friend!

ETA: I went back the next day to see two kitties!

Piper is on the left.

I like to think Caleb saw his would-be parents’ tRump stickers and “my cat is a Republican” stickers on their car

Which totally explains their entitlement toward separating a kitty family.

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