Better now

Never fails that when you have something to do, the universe conspires against you. 

Alas, I missed my appointment slot by a good hour and a half today. Somehow I managed to stay calm and perhaps even pleasant.

That’s getting harder for me to do. So, yay me. 

But I tried to be more grateful for someone who tried to help and less furious that I started working three hours earlier than usual for nothing. 

I tried to be grateful for technology cooperating more than usual. And for relative flexibility with the time slot. 

Heck, I even tried not to hate having to be “that person” whose schedule fucks up everyone else’s day because it’s usually my schedule that gets upended. 

Things went well. Got my taxes done, got a pizza, got a coffee and a smoothie. Not good for the scale but all things considered, I had a productive day. 

I always remind myself that every day is a good day. While this one isn’t necessarily feeling great, I’d say it turned out better than most. 

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