Be cool

I thought I was getting fired today, but really I just got more work. Rather, more steps in my processes.

I got to thinking about my good friend who got laid off in January. I was much calmer when he was here. Granted things were very different pre-January. But still.

Maybe I just wanted to be seen as cool and calm and gracious and charming and all that bullshit. But really, having lunch with him as close to daily as I could really had a soothing effect on me.

Now I scarf down pretty much everything but the TV at my desk and totally raid the chocolate supply I find in my friend’s office down the hall. Dinner, yo.

We still talk often. But it’s not the same. And if ever there were a time I could use a calming influence, it’s now. I suppose a well-timed text conversation, with the only person who understands AND the only one who won’t repeat a word I say, will have to do.

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