I came across an old FB post from a decade or so ago.

My Pet Psycho(TM) had struck. And we were all talking about him on Faceypages.

This particular act shocked me for a moment. (Back then, and now as I read it again.) Not just in its cruelty, but more in bafflement of how I did not get in my car and put my foot up his ass.

Well, he’d have liked it, that’s why.

In any event, I got to thinking about this blog. And how, sure, I used to write a whole lot about my life on it. But also how no one who ever read it could possibly have even the tiniest inkling about who I am and what I stand for.

And today, to have another foot-up-ass-worthy type or two believing they know anything about me from reading a few thousand posts, please.

I get it, though. They use me as an avatar. The villain of their story on whom to project all their own struggles to be a good human.

I read an article recently that said we hate-watch people because everything they say/do reinforces our smug superiority over them.

Is that what you guys do? Wait for me to breathe so you can criticize it?

I have an avatar too. I’ve never even met this person and don’t even know how we ended up connected on social media.

I don’t seek her out. But when I see her overly overjoyed posts about whatever she’s eating, I sing my little made-up song about her (to the tune of the Kit-Kat song) and move along.

Moving along is the best part of the story. Some of y’all should try it sometime.

Better yet, find a new avatar to stoke your rage — I’d prefer my intellectual (as it were) property to be used to inspire GOOD things.

Bye now.

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