Great weekend so far. Met a lot of good people and they made me realize the world is so much bigger than mine is. I may not have their intellect but I also don’t have their travel and entertainment budgets either.

I *have* traveled as many miles as them — between when I lived in Virginia and commuted to Maryland, and now that I live by the beach but schlep into God’s country — I just wish my passport reflected it.

Oh well. Someday!

And that’s exactly right — someday. Even though they’ve lived lifetimes in their 20-odd years apiece, they (unknowingly) reminded me that if I’m stuck, I’m the one not fighting hard enough to get unstuck when it comes to where I’m going and with whom I’ll be making the journey.

Life really doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve just got to start envisioning what I want instead of replaying over and over in my mind how disappointing it’s been, despite my best efforts to cover it up and pretend everything is fine.

Denial is a more-powerful fuel than gas, oil and diesel combined. It’s fueled the world for free for generations. The most-oblivious-seeming people I meet also seem to be the happiest.

Maybe that’s my lesson for today. It’s not about living for everyone else or even yourself. It’s just feeling alive while you’re doing it.

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