I did something I haven’t done in a while on a weekday.

I enjoyed it.

Literally, that’s what I did. Enjoyed my damn day.

I had a long meeting in the morning and a long one late in the day. But I took the middle part to simply enjoy myself.

Don’t get me wrong. The morning and the afternoon meetings weren’t fun. But net-net, the day was a win.

The best part was we were talking honestly about some shit that went down last year. And I got a good reminder from this eye-witness that a lot of it was far beyond my control. All I could really do is handle it with grace.

One day I’ll tell the stories. Still trying to do the gracious thing there.

I don’t have many friends. They always prove themselves to be anything but. So it’s nice to have real moments with people who are here who were also there.

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