You know Dawn is tired when. ..

She puts her pack of Marlboro Ultra Lights where her mouse is supposed to be, and is moving the pack around, wondering why she can’t click on her Toolbar Favorites. Sheesh. I’m lucky I managed to shave my legs without any major casualties, given this sleepy state.

Demure is gonna kick my ass, but I still don’t have her stupid layout done. She tried flying into my office after COB yesterday — I’d locked the door, in anticipation. She fretted because she’s meeting with Kumquat today at 10 and I still haven’t complied with their outrageous request. She asked if any submissions had come in, and I said of course not — like I’d told her, that stuff comes in at 5 p.m. on Thursday. I correct myself that I have an uphill battle — it’s more like mucking through a swamp on a skateboard. 🙂 Long, long day ahead. …

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