When it rains, it pours

Rejected title: Blind fury

Day. From. Hell.

I am already pissed about dropping a couple of hundred bucks on Maddie’s shots and exam yesterday. She only needed about $65 of the work I commissioned, but thanks to precautionary leukemia shots/vaccinations and some other line item I’ve already forgotten, she will now never get any type of disease for the rest of her life, hopefully. And let’s not even talk about the booster shots she is supposed to get in three weeks, although if we find the other cat doesn’t have leukemia or any respiratory issues, I can skip it.

Anyway, I go out to my car this morning to find this ugly white Bonneville parked three inches from my passenger side. Sure enough, there is a major dent in my door — the paint is gone and there is a big dimple in an obvious spot. I wanted to flatten the other car’s tires. All of the damage on my car has been done by OTHER cars. Some of us actually don’t hit people for fun — some of us actually try to drive like normal human beings. Fuck me running.

So then, I went up Yoakum Parkway to get to work — I usually just take South Whiting. Well, lo and behold, guess who got pulled over and fined for not having an updated registration and property tax sticker? Guess who’s got a court date and threats to be pulled over again if I don’t take care of it immediately? Guess who has to drive out to fucking Fair Oaks Mall to get the goddamn sticker? Guess what day the DMV is closed … Wednesdays!!!

So, I am grumbling. Today is not my day. My moving fund has officially gone up in smoke. Oh, and I have a meeting with Pussy Demure in 20 minutes. Kill me.


Demure is a dipshit. I have never been reprimanded for going above and beyond the call of duty before. Never! And then she piled on even more work that she wants immediately. Then she snarked that maybe I should put the paper first instead of attending to all the paper-related details. Huh?!?! Maybe if she’d leave me alone and not drag me into hour-and-a-half supervision meetings every week, I’d do fine.

I had to laugh, though. She said one of the big reasons they hired me was because of my management background, only it seems I don’t have time to hire someone to actually manage. LOL. Sister had a point there.

To add to today’s litany of pain, I lost my wallet and cell phone for a few hours. Not that I have any money left, particularly after I pay a year’s worth of back property taxes tomorrow, but at least I finally recovered the items — seems I forgot to put them back in my purse after I had to find my driver’s license. Oops.

THEN there was no toilet paper in the ladies’ room, and no paper towels either. We have taken to wiping our asses with seat protectors. Gaaah! When will this madness END?!?!?!

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