What’s in a name

Another glorious meme stolen from Tiff:

1. What is your full name? Dawn Amber (and the last name I try to hide ’round here)

2. How did your parents come up with that? I was born at dawn. Real original. Actually, my mom was dating a guy named Don (clearly, not my father) at the time as well. My father would know me by “Shit, I should have used a condom!”

3. Do you know the meaning of your name(s)? Well, Merriam-Webster’s defines me as:

Function: intransitive verb

Etymology: Middle English, probably back-formation from dawning daybreak, alteration of dawing, from Old English dagung, from dagian

1 : to begin to grow light as the sun rises

2 : to begin to appear or develop

3 : to begin to be perceived or understood

Funny that I feel like I am the complete opposite of my name. I should’ve been called Irony.

4. Are any of your names patron saints? Goddess of Self-Pleasure

5. Do you like your name? Sure beats Esmerelda or Shaniqua or Fantasia. Dawn has come to fit me. I had an English professor who said she didn’t trust the name Dawn — it was “too new” (the woman was older than the eggnog in the fridge at Ted’s old workplace!). I liked my name more for that very reason!

6. Is there any part of your name you don’t like? The fact that my last name proves that I am related to some of the most rednecked people who presently walk this earth, although, arguably, some of them are dragging their knuckles in the dirt. I used to think I would keep my name if ever I got married; now, in addition to the other traits I want in a husband, a decent last name is starting to rank higher and higher! As far as my first name, it ASTOUNDS me how many people call me at work and sound perfectly stunned that “Dawn” is a FEMALE name!!! WTF?!?!

7. Do you have any nicknames? Dusk. Midnight. Dawn of the Dead. Bitch. Cunt. Snarky Little Shit. Oh, the list goes on, but I’m sure more of you have additions to the list that I haven’t even heard! (And no, I’m not encouraging you to share!)

8. Any ideas of what you’d like to name your kids? Crouton. Seriously, it’s the only original name left! Crouton and Cobalt, if they end up being twins. 🙂

9. Any odd facts about your name? It’s in a dictionary and is translated into every language. It’s also in the game “Magic: The Gathering” — apparently it’s a deck of cards. And Amber is just a stripper name. No question about that!

10. Just for fun, add up the letters in your name then keep adding the digits until you get one number. What’s the number? I did this years ago. We came up with 6, which is also my life number that you get from doing the same math on my birthdate.

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