Time to convict the sidekick

Well, we’re all thrilled that John Muhammad was found guilty on all counts. Of course, you know what kind of punishment I think he deserves. Defense attorneys are still trying to argue that his finger never touched the trigger of the Bushmaster rifle, but I hope nobody’s buying that — he drove the car, he taught the boy to shoot and he willingly and knowingly contributed to widespread panic.

Now Lee Malvo’s trial begins. Laugh along at home at this:

(Samuel) Walker, one of several law officers who participated in the interrogation, said he was struck by Malvo’s maturity and intelligence. “I marveled at how intelligent he was,” said Walker, a veteran homicide detective who was assigned to the sniper task force.

If he were so intelligent, why the fuck did he think it was a grand idea to curl up in a trunk and shoot people through a hole? Not to mention, he truly believed the government would give the bumbling idiot pair $10 million to stop the madness. Mature and intelligent, my ass!

Dear whatever higher power might be listening: do not, under any circumstances, let Malvo’s insanity plea spare him in any way. He was not brainwashed (although, as I’ve heard it, it would’ve only taken a light rinse. LOL). Just because Muhammad was found guilty, I don’t want jurors to get soft and say that this kid has a chance to be rehabilitated. He doesn’t deserve that chance, after taking away so many tomorrows and possibilities from every person he spotted and took down.

Christ, I’m blogging about news, aren’t I? But it’s so much easier than forming an original thought. 🙂

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