Some coffee to go with that bitter?

Rejected headline: I enjoy being a girl

Am purposely wasting time this morning, as I am in no mood to do anything that remotely resembles work. Thus, I present to you two things that happened to me this morning that men just don’t have to deal with, and one just plain annoying thing that nobody should have to deal with. And no, this post doesn’t reference anything of the intra-uterine variety. 🙂

1. Must have put the emergency brake on too hard last night, as I could not release the damn thing. I’ve had this issue when someone else drives the car, or when I take it to a full-service auto wash. I was trying from my seat, the passenger side seat, and finally tried straddling the damn thing — anything to put it into the flaccid position. 🙂 Finally had to find some random stranger in my apartment complex — who was running to catch a bus — to help me. I hate being a wimp.

2. Once I was ready to drive, I put on my sunglasses, which promptly fogged up from being left in the cold car. I was facing sunlight and couldn’t see through the fog but had cars up my ass at this point, so I whipped off the glasses and drove without them till I could wipe them off. Dawn is a bad driver in general, but take away her vision and it can only get worse. Luckily, I did not hit anybody or anything, although there were some pedestrians who almost bit it today, as they trusted me to not hit their stupid asses as they jaywalked. Argh. Don’t they realize that Northern Virginia drivers — self included — don’t value their lives?

3. Put on makeup at work today — only on the wrong places of my face. Grabbed the wrong tube at the wrong time and made a big mess. I thought I’d reached for my concealer (for under the eyes), but I instead grabbed my lipstick tube (and didn’t notice that it was a different brand as well as a darker color!). So I had lipstick under my eyes for a second. Beautiful.

I could add a “boys are stupid” entry, but I won’t embarrass him for his asininity, even though he doesn’t read this page anyway. For the record, I don’t bash men in general — just the dumbass things that specific ones do. But the short version is that he was whining about being alone on a certain day, and my question to him was, well, did he ask anyone to spend the day with him. His answer? No. Well, there you have it. I told him that perhaps if he’d invited people to spend the day with him, they could have accommodated, with some advance notice. I think he’s a smart guy and fun to talk to sometimes, but it’s stuff like this that makes me want to drown him. I thought it would make him feel better if he’d send me some flowers (yes, I am still on my I-Want-Flowers-On-V-Day kick), but he didn’t get it when I intimated it. Or he just ignored me. Oh well. I can’t help the helpless. 🙂

And how is your day? 🙂

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