How was “American Idol”? I missed it, not like I was planning to watch it anyway.

The focus group went well. It was all about smart-chip technology being put into retail items. They wanted to know what skeeves us out about it and what benefits we would hope to see it bring. It was kind of interesting, actually — it incorporated privacy issues, inventory tracking, environmental concerns, legislation, fears of people with illegal product tracking devices being able to know what’s inside our homes and/or making us susceptible to being mugged, etc. And, the question of the night was whether this new technology would do more harm than good.

In any event, it was weird sitting in front of a mirror knowing we were being observed and videotaped. I kept making faces at the mirror, but it encouraged me to spew my opinions more — figured I should earn my little stipend that, essentially, compensated for one of the furlough days I had this month.

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