The little hellion otherwise known as Chloe (till I change her name, which might end up just being “Rosemary’s Baby”) jumped in the toilet for a second time tonight.

The bad news is, the bowl hadn’t been flushed at the time (don’t worry — it was just a liquid-filled bowl). I literally pissed, stood up, and heard a splash behind me. You know, I always felt bad for people who had not-so-bright children, but today I realize that I’ve got a cute kitty who isn’t quite all there. 🙂

So I caught her and gave her a quick bath. She now hates me. She cried the whole time. Now she’s drying off and is planning to accost me with her claws once I fall asleep.

Maddie was sitting at my feet, watching Chloe drown herself. I swear, she sits there snickering behind her paws when Chloe falls in the toilet. I can practically hear her tee-hee-ing and hiding a smile behind her big ole whiskers. And I can’t say I wasn’t laughing right along with her!

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