Slob elite

I look like a fool.

I’m dressed in workout clothes (not sure if I actually WILL work out, as I have a dozen errands to accomplish today), but hey, I’ve read that half the battle is actually getting dressed. I figure at some point, I’ll just have to move. 🙂 But be it known that I would MUCH rather be in a frilly peasant top and a skirt of my choosing right now. And sandals in favor of sneakers. I am not a sneaker girl. Shoes are supposed to flatter your legs, not make your feet look like hoagies with shoelaces.

But I am the idiot who, just because she’s in a T-shirt and shorts, doesn’t mean she’s going to look like a total frump. The hair is done. Jewelry is on. Makeup is next. Some sort of scented body spray (warm vanilla sugar and eucalyptus-spearmint are my splashes of choice) is next. My outfit screams slob, my demanor screams kill me … but my attention to all those fussy little details screams, hopefully, I’m a lady, damn it! 😉

I’m out of ketosis. 🙁 Next step, I’m told, is to eliminate cheese from the diet for two days. This shit is killing me! Things have changed during the past few years … I now also have to eliminate caffeine and nicotine (oh, yeah, can’t wait to see THAT). Perhaps I will just reduce them. But for now, I am taking my Camel Lights to Starfucks for a venti ANYTHING with caffeine!

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