Welcome Susan’s newest little arrival, Chloe Renee, born March 17, 2003, and weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces. I took these photos last week, when the lil squirt was only two weeks old.

One of Chloe’s rare *awake* moments


Aunt Dawn, get that camera OUTTA my face!

And yes, that’s my chest in the next one. The kid likes boobs, what can we say?

And then here’s the darling 3-year-old Courtney. But don’t call her a pretty little girl —

she will warn you very sternly that she is the big girl now. 🙂


And here’s my only child. …

And to get away from the hold-my-hair-back-while-I-puke cuteness theme,

(of course, that’s debatable) meet my new friends Karen and Chrissy …

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