Random quote

Forgot to record this one, from IKEA Boy’s birthday last weekend.

I had ordered a cake from a place that, surprise, hires illiterate foreigners (no! Not in D.C.! :smile:) After fighting with this person for a half hour about the fact that I wanted white cake batter and icing done in pastel colors (only to be asked what pastel means, and after I explained it, the dumb shit said, “Oh, off white!!!” Argh). Whatever.

So when I went with Shan to pick up the cake, it was all of two inches tall, decorated in shades of chocolate (it was kinda pretty, although NOT what I had in mind), and I was debating about getting some birthday candles that were shaped like men, wearing blue and red Speedos. That’s when the gal behind the counter said, “Twenty-five dolla.”

I almost fell on the floor. “Huh?!?! You did not just say $25, did you?” I thought it was a joke — given the size of the cake, I would’ve thought it was eight bucks, tops.

She said yes. So I said, “For $25, that cake had better fucking eat me!!!”

I told the party gang that they’d better act like it was the best thing they’d ever put in their mouths (imagine the irony of saying that to four gay men. lol). But it was a really good cake. hee hee.

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