Pennsylvania realizes that prohibition was repealed

Yesterday, eight stores in my old county sold liquor for the first time on a Sunday, which brought about protests, if you can believe it. Strangely, the loudest protestors were the employees of these stores themselves.

Quotes that are begging for a response, taken from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“I think, personally, we should go back to having nothing open on Sundays and having to spend time with your family,” said Charles Windsor of Mt. Lebanon, who was protesting Sunday sales outside the store on Wharton Street on the South Side.

So for those of us who shop on Sundays and who have no family within a 300-mile radius, no drinky drinky for us, per this asshole. Thank god all the grocery stores in Virginia sell liquor!

Sidenote: Shouldn’t he have been at home with his family instead of protesting the liquor store being open for five hours?


At the edge of the shopping center’s parking lot, however, about 30 people were protesting Sunday sales, holding signs that said “Promoting Drinking Without Thinking” and “Sunday Liquor Sales, Monday Mourning.”

Honey, no matter what day of the week I drink alcohol, I still mourn the coming of Monday. And drinking without thinking is the purpose of my very existence.


The protesters, most of whom are liquor store employees, said they are concerned that increased opportunities to purchase alcohol will result in increased opportunities for underage youths to buy and consume beverages and increased casualties in alcohol-related traffic accidents. They also had a problem with being asked to work on Sunday.

So, they don’t check IDs on Sundays because they’re pissed off at having to work?


Anthony Vizzoca of Shaler, whose uncle is the head of (the Independent State Store Union), held a sign asking drivers to honk if they agreed with the protesters. Several drivers did beep on their way by, warming Vizzoca’s heart on a cold day. “This shouldn’t be a city of sin,” he said.

And his heart grew three sizes that day.

Sin? In Pittsburgh? LMFAO. Honey, there ain’t nothin’ else to do there but drink! I keep telling my mom she should just get a job at the state store — maybe we’d get a bulk discount. 🙂


And then there was Mark Henry, who doesn’t work at a liquor store but heard about the protest on television. He showed up with copies of a handwritten letter he had written when the state Legislature was considering the bill.

“Dear Senator,” it begins, “Suppose you’re Osama bin Laden. What would you want the Pennsylvania General Assembly to do with regard to the issue of opening liquor stores on Sundays? Would you want it to kowtow to, and compromise with, the forces of evil so that our respect for the Christian Sabbath day is further undermined in the name of ‘consumer convenience?'”

I’m sure bin Laden is disappointed in Pittsburghers for buying peach schnapps by the unit. Just because they’re selling booze and not turbans doesn’t mean that he gives a rat’s ass, now does he? And asking what he wants the PA General Assembly to do is just begging for a response — I would imagine he’d want them to blow themselves up before shutting down the liquor stores. 🙂 This asshole is probably against the war effort too — maybe he’ll handwrite another letter about that. Oh goody!


And finally. …

The protest was organized by members of the Independent State Store Union, which represents managers. “We’re in the business of the control and sale of alcohol,” said Don Brown, one of the leaders. “Selling alcohol seven days a week, that’s not something that I consider control.”

Yet all the bars and restaurants that serve food — and therefore liquor — on Sundays, as well as their patrons, are just rip-roaring heretics, eh? Somebody, give these guys a cocktail!!!

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