New cats, no tricks

This one’s for Tink.

Everyone knows that Maddie is my beautiful and brilliant cat and that Kadi, well, she’s lucky she’s cute or she’d be in trouble. 😉

I told you a few days ago how Kadi rammed her head into the sliding glass door, trying to catch my black-and-purple bat garland I was working with outside. Well, yesterday, I was outside playing with garland again, and ol’ Short Bus Cat was hot on the case, trying to get this garland. This time, though, she was trying to bust through the screen to get the shiny, crinkly stuff dangling from my hands. Dumbshit jumped up and threw her claws into the screen, and she got stuck up in the air for a few minutes — she was afraid to let go and had this delicious look of terror on her puss. Heh. I was amused.

Tonight, I was in the bathroom (grabbed Taco Hell on the way home from work — you decide why I was on my human litterbox — *giggle*), and of course the furry fuckers had to play at my feet the whole time. Shit, they have a whole apartment to dance around, but as soon as my scandalous guchies go around my ankles, these two think they’re invited to puss-fest. *shudder*

At any rate, the kitties started fighting, and the bathroom door ended up closed. I know for a fact that Maddie knows how to open the door, and as Kadi tried desperately to pull the door open, Maddie sat there looking so smug. It’s almost like Kadi looked imploringly at her for assistance, but Maddie wasn’t budging. In fact, while Kadi was preoccupied with the door, Maddie took that opportunity to get a running start and jump right on her (see an 18-pound cat jump on a 3-pound cat and you WILL laugh your ass off!).

Kadi then lost interest in the door and chased Maddie’s tail, even though Maddie wasn’t moving her pudgy ass anywhere. Finally, Kadi jumped into her haven — the bathtub. Once she was out of sight, Maddie jumped up and pulled the door open and sauntered out, hiding a smile behind her whiskers.

Sometimes having feline company while you’re on the throne ain’t so bad, especially when you see your favorite cat win the battle. Although, arguably, it doesn’t take a genius to outsmart Kadi. 😉

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