Near-life experience

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The phrase “near-life experience” popped into my head last night. I haven’t *had* one, but I sure am waiting!

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I’ve been out on my ass freelancing for nine months now. Well, maybe just six months, but still. It is what it is.

I was reading an article yesterday (lost the link) about how you shouldn’t think about losing something as, well, losing anything. It’s the universe’s way of telling you that, hey, you’re on the wrong path.

Of course, I’d MUCH rather come to that conclusion myself than let someone else arrive at that decision first. Other than that, it’s true. You probably already knew in your heart that there are other paths you should be following.

The problem is, the next path may not be the right one either. As many of us are finding out, the panic of having NO path, and having to scramble to FIND one, may not have been the one that destiny intended for you to find.

But maybe that one leads to the path you ARE supposed to find. I hope so. Nah, I have faith that it is so.

I guess I thought I’d have more to show for my life during the past nine months. Of course, I didn’t really try all that hard. Imagine if I had … or if I started right this very minute.

All right, road — time to rise to meet my feet. Imma start walking NOW.

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