Must. Remove. Nail. From. Temple.

Demure emailed earlier today about a story she wants to see in the next issue of the Veggie Patch Gazette. She also pointed out to me that I had assigned two stories to our freelance writer. While I would say duh, I know what stories I assigned out, well, I hadn’t assigned the second one. So, just as an FYI, I sent her a brief note back to indicate that I have only assigned the freelancer the one story, and that I am currently compiling for my own edification an inventory of stories that need to run, and the amount of time/effort I expect each one to take. Thus, I will need any information she has on this potential story so that I can evaluate whether I or the freelancer would be the better one to write it.

Her response?

Dawn, I am not sure from your answer that you understand that I was giving you an assignment that I expect to be carried out.

I just called Shan and said I want to hit the reply button and send back a message with a single character, an exclamation point. I figure, it’s a lot more politically acceptable than WTF, right?

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