It hurts to get pretty

I just got my claws sharpened, and what a bloodbath that was. 🙂 But my nails are pretty, so I feel pretty and witty and light. 🙂

For the first time, I got a lip wax. Holy friggin’ crap did that sting! For all the fun I poke at Pussy Demure!TM, I figured I’d better make sure I have my own girliness in check before I start in on her. The bad news is that I must be allergic to the wax, ’cause it’s been almost an hour and my face is still red. Gaah! I look like a fuckin’ freak of nature.

I had to get purty, though — tonight is Bryan’s bachelorette party, and we have Shawn’s long-awaited graduation on Sunday. Woo hoo! I’ve essentially cut myself off from the world for the past two months, and I had to be able to make my re-debut into socializing again. But damn, bein’ pretty hurts!

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