If you’re going to bounce a check, do it before payday

Heard from my bank today about the extended overdraft fee. They said you get charged that if your account is in the negatives for more than seven days. So, kids, float, don’t bounce, your checks!

Work was its usual cyclone of stupidity. Due to an outstanding invoice, I am not getting the paper to press tomorrow as scheduled because I don’t HAVE the paper. I can only wonder how many shades of purple Cruise Director is going to turn over this, and I’m certain Demure!TM’s head is going to explode, but I am at peace with it. I haven’t finished proofing the beast anyway, but I am not doing it tonight, that’s for sure. I don’t get paid more when it does hit the newsstands on time, so I’m not crying an ocean over a delayed schedule.

I talked to Demure about Angie’s raise, which is of course above the up-to-3 percent that everyone else is getting. I am fine with this because she deserves it, although I am torn because she walked into an easy situation, whereas the designer and I did not but we didn’t see any real bonuses out of creating order from chaos. I asked if I were getting a special favor raise-wise, and I was told that NOBODY else in Demure’s staff was even getting near 3 percent. Surprisingly, I wasn’t angry. I am going to budget for a raise for the designer, and I will approve Angie’s increase. The thing is, I took the high road in every possible instance, and when I have my own company, I take with me a sense of knowing that, where my staff is concerned, I will take care of them wherever and whenever possible. Yeah, that and $3.50 will get me a grande sugar-free vanilla latte right now, but you know what? This unpaid-invoice crap will hopefully awaken them to the fact that I have kept these messes out of their hair for more than a year, and now that a situation has cropped up that I haven’t been able to resolve (because it’s out of my hands), maybe just maybe they will see how large a role I play in keeping everyone looking good. Or, more likely, it won’t do anything but antagonize them, but let’s face it, do I care? Not right now, no, not particularly. No incentive to.

I got a regular (read: non-furloughed) paycheck this time around. Woo hoo! In great news, my rental company is convinced I overpaid my rent last month (I’d turned it in a day late and added the $50 late fee). They said to forget the late fee and to pay $50 less this month. I ain’t arguin’ with THAT! It’s so sad when $50 will literally make or break you.

The H.R. assistant is one of the happiest people you will ever meet, but we have an unwelcome guest in the office this week, and she was uncharacteristically frustrated today because of this person. I told Angie about it, and she said you know someone is a really bad human being if they “break” the happiest person on earth. LOL. Sad but true!

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