If this week were a fish, I’d throw it back. After stomping on its head of course

Life on the Gulf

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I’m beginning to think that God puts certain things into my life to cause me to pray more. Well, looks like He got His wish.

If I EVER have another week like this one, who knows what will happen.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, indeed.

What happens when what you’ve been waiting for is here, and all you want to do is give it back?

Dear God,

* Please guide my decision-making.
* Please put people in my path who will serve as important connections. And help me to realize it at the time.
* Please help me stand up for what’s right, and let go of what doesn’t matter.
* Please guide my hands and my efforts so that I can continue to please You with my handiwork.
* Please let all this create the change in me You are seeking, so that this seeming Groundhog Day can come to a merciful end.


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