Glorious day

Minus losing power for several hours last night, I’m a happy girl. My a/c is working, it’s sunny and gorgeous outside, and the storm is over.

There are more tree limbs on the ground than up in the sky, but the grounds look much better now that the trees had a Mother Nature’s manicure. There was a lot of damage in Old Town (down the street) but things are peaceful around here. I understand Fairfax County (where I used to live) will be without power for up to four days.

Shawn and Scott are speeding up to Pittsburgh as I write this. The three of us were supposed to go to a Pirates game tonight in the new stadium, but as my health is still pretty crappy, I bailed out. They’re going to go visit my mom and get my microwave oven for me, and all she has to do is provide Shawn with plenty of her special-recipe banana bread for making the voyage. I also put in a quick request for her famous orange cookies and chocolate-chip cookies, so she’s gonna be busy cookin’ up a storm for her kids today. 🙂

I’m sad to not be on the trip, but I know I would never have been able to sit upright for the entire four-hour-plus drive. At any rate, wish our boys a safe adventure, and send lots of love to everyone without power and gas during the next few days. 🙂

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