I swear, you can’t win for losing around here.

I have been meeting with our new director about various ideas we both have. I also forward him professional inquiries that are beyond my scope of practice (and, for that matter, understanding). Recently, I sent him an inquiry that intrigued me, and I said that I would like to be copied on the answer because I think it would make for a really good story for a coming issue.

So what did dicknugget do? He answered the inquiry, then forwarded it to me and copied half of Creation, saying, “Dawn, I think this would make for a really good story in the Veggie Patch Gazette.” There is, of course, no hint of my original e-mail to him in which it was clearly MY IDEA!

Where’s my pencil? I think I need to perform a tracheotomy on him now.

Fine fucking way to start a weekend, eh?

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