Feels like a Monday

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. Don’t cross me today — I’m not a pleasant sight. I got up early yesterday and I guess it just kicked in again, only without the help of the alarm. Bah. Only one meeting today (I hope) — I hate Tuesdays. At some point this month, I would like to do my job instead of talking about it. I mean, jeez, I spend so much time preparing for, and recovering from, meetings (not to mention the time wasted in them!) that I told my boss I could produce a 300-page newspaper every month with the time I could have saved.

I’ve started keeping a private journal again — it’s nice to be away from the computer. Nothing compares to seeing blue ink in my crappy handwriting in my holographic blue spiral notebook with the silver stars on it. That way, I get to keep most of the madness to myself and not have y’all think I’m as crazy as I really am.

The “American Idol” Wild Card show is on tonight. Woo hoo! My annual tradition is to run a nice hot foot bath and chain-smoke and watch what is usually the besst round in the semi-finals. It’s the little things, ya know?

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