Evil: 1, Good guys: 0

Well, if you are anywhere near social media today, you know my head popped right off my shoulders today when Casey Anthony was declared not guilty on murder one and aggravated child abuse charges.

I’ve watched the trial. I’ve puzzled over the evidence. I’ve been disgusted by the ineptitude and antics of defense counsel. I’ve growled at the documented bizarre and frankly unacceptable behavior of Caylee’s mother. I’ve wondered whether Jose Baez’s allegations of molestation by her father and brother were true. I didn’t consider the bullshit drowning theory. But I, like many others, wondered how this pretty girl who seemingly had it all could POSSIBLY find herself in this predicament.

But by Week 3 of the six-week trial, I was convinced she was guilty. I don’t necessarily think she was smart enough to do it all alone. But after looking at the bags under that baby’s eyes in so many photos, I could see where she wasn’t in the greatest hands when she was with her mother. I saw her grandparents loved her. I know for a fact that many grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children. (I can say I’ve experienced it firsthand.)

But my reasonable doubt isn’t the same as the jurors’.

I just feel Punk’d. Like, it’s time for the real verdict or, at least, someone to give me the last six weeks of my life back that I got caught up in the testimony. The science was fascinating. The family dysfunction was riveting. I guess what happened is that the prosecution proved that nobody else in the family did it, but it’s still boggling my widdle brain that we don’t agree on who DID.

Caylee’s justice is being far away from that monster, I guess. We all know what I’m thinking here — that people like me are marching and carrying banners to ensure reproductive choice remains a right … a right that is consistently getting chipped away at … but in the state of Florida, you can kill your live child with fewer — hell, NO — consequences but how dare you abort a fetus!

It all comes down to the death penalty, I believe. I say fry the bitch. But even if the jurors did think she was guilty, I would bet dollars to donuts that they just didn’t want to put her to death. And I’m sorry — I am not a fan of Texas but I do support their believe that, in the immortal words of Ron White, “If you kill someone in our state, we kill you back.”

I know this doesn’t affect me directly. But, it does. If something happened to me or someone I love, is this what we call justice? I’m sorry but I feel like all the time I spent praying for those jurors went to waste.

Everyone said it’s about the science. That emotions mean nothing. So Casey sat there with a “rage face” on for six weeks and THAT’S OK? The science was new, sure, but you can’t make up a hair showing clear signs of decomposition, in a trunk with other decomposition fluids, and tell me that Casey had NOTHING to do with Casey’s death and ultimate dumping in a swamp. Emotion based on science is still based on science.

I’m sure everyone’s sick of me ranting. And so am I. I blamed it partially on the educational system down here, since I came from a crappy one myself. But it’s bigger than that. Thousands upon thousands of people, myself included, lost the faith today.

The world isn’t fair. We knew that. Today proved it. We aren’t surprised. We know better. But I guess we were all looking for a little bit of hope that the justice system will be there for US when we need it. Instead, courtroom antics and diversion tactics and downright inexperience becomes rewarded.

Casey won. She danced. She giggled. She could walk out of there on Thursday. And all we can do is hope that, as she dances out of that courtroom, the cosmic bus runs her ass over.

Nicely done, Casey. I’ve got to hand it to you, you not only took that baby away from your mother to spite her, but you gave her to the whole world and took her away from us, too. Enjoy that “bella vita” you were hellbent on securing. That is, if someone doesn’t give you the same treatment your daughter got…

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