Don’t wanna

Writer’s block is manifesting in my world as “Editor’s Block.” Which is really shorthand for “DON’T WANNA!”

The Mai-Tai crowd is looking for things from me, which they could very well help with if they didn’t believe with all their hearts that the building burns down after 5 p.m.

And I’ve got a list of things I need from the Mai-Tai crowd. Which I would appreciate them doing before my customers light me ablaze. Alas, their priorities are set by a different arm, one that seems to backhand our requests to the bottom of the pile.

Alas, speaking of “Don’t Wanna,” I don’t want anymore shooters in my beloved adopted city. And yet …

Send some prayers for the police officers who were shot just a few minutes ago at Constitution Avenue and Second, will ya? Everyone should realize that THEY ARE WORKING UNPAID RIGHT NOW.

And furthermore, those are MY streets, motherfucker. I drove them often. They belong to US, you moron. Don’t wipe your ass on them. I’m glad you’re in custody and I hope they Tase your nuts every 10 minutes.

Is it wrong that I blame Allen West? I kind of blame him for everything. And I totally wrote to his welcomed replacement to thank God I don’t have to be ashamed for Florida because I know I don’t have a Tea-bagger representing me and BOY am I proud.

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