My negativity vibe is still running high. Had a weird meeting about our upcoming convention. I realized that the only person I respect here (sans Shan) is our CFO. Every touchy-feely suggestion the second-floor staffers made, he was quick to report that his third-floor team did it. Last year. Immediately after the last convention. He rocks.

I want to put in a request to have the Veggie Patch Gazette transferred into the finance/operations department, just to have him as my supervisor. In fact, I just left him a VM saying how impressed I am with him and his staff, and how impressed I also was with his remarks and actions at, and preceding, the meeting. I also tossed in a random plug that I want to work for him, because I love his and his staff’s drivenness.

Heh. Wonder how THAT message is going to come back and bite me in the ass. At any rate, the man loves Shan and me, and frankly, I am hoping my message encourages him to pick up a phone and see how I’m doing. Because I would really like to tell him honestly how the fuck I am doing, rotting away here. …


CFO left me a wonderful VM saying that if things don’t work out with him and his wife, I’m next in line. lol. He said it really made his day to hear such compliments about him and his staff, and that he would be certain to pass my admiration and respect along to them.

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