Different shades of paradise

Just got a call from Shan from Hawaii — she’s officially an honest woman! 🙂 She and John got married at 5:15 p.m. (Hawaii time) last night. Everything came together, from the minister to the flowers to the wedding cake to all the other details that refused to be lassoed until the last possible minute. w00t!

I was chatting in line with a girl at Wally’s last night. She was seven months’ pregnant and looking rather uncomfortable. I let her go in front of me in line, and she was grateful. She said she’s supposed to be on bedrest. I kind of laughed and told her about Shan who, at seven months’ pregnant, was partying in Hawaii. The girl was shocked and said she was surprised her doctor would go for it. I said it’s more like her doctor had no choice — Shan was going, hell or high water, because she deserves this vacation.

She’s so bummed that I’m not there in Hawaii with her, but I’m glad I have never experienced a tropical paradise — it would make coming back to the Veggie Patch suck that much more badly, as far as I’m concerned. But she’s convinced that I need to see paradise — and that she needs to return to paradise — in a hell of a hurry. Something tells me that we will be packing my boxes and discussing the business ideas that will skyrocket us to happiness. In fact, I’m sure of it. But that’s my first step toward paradise — of setting up a little office area in my new place and thus having no more excuses, once I’ve completely moved.

As far as Hawaii, I may never get there. But I have my own dream destinations, and believe me, I will find my way to at least one of them before I die. The road leading away from the Veggie Patch will be the most crucial step in the adventure, and after I start that journey up and away, well, the sky’s the only limit I can forsee. 🙂

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