Today’s horoscope: “Let your fingers dip into many different pies.” I’ll let you decipher that one. 😉

Siobra (aka the Cat from Hell) kept me awake most of the night. Maddie decided to sleep in my bed for the first time in a week last night, and everytime I peeled the little cat off my head or got her claws out of one of my body parts, I would toss the cat to the other end of the bed — unfortunately, whacking Maddie nearly every time.

At some point last night, I declared, “Everybody out!” I was ready to scream — it was nearly 3 a.m. and I had slept no more than 10 consecutive minutes without the little one either attacking me or my nightstand (this could explain why I awaken to a different radio station than the one I set). I shut the door behind them and still couldn’t sleep because my blood was racing.

Today is a day at the print shop. Woo-hoo! No more Veggies till Tuesday! 😉

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