Corporate birthdays

I know, I know — I promised to not rant about work. But this is a generalist statement.

Today is my boss’s birthday, and her secretary decorated her office with banners and streamers. She also sent out an invitation to a select group of us to join them for bagels at 9:30 in said festive office.

I wonder if my boss is thrilled or embarrassed by this. Personally, I don’t really like for a fuss to be made over my birthday (hey, I spent it with Shan and Shawn, two people I love, and I have yet to see some other folks — but let’s face it, every day should be a celebration of me, right? lol). I used to throw my own birthday parties — and maybe I’ll get back to that next year — because even though I love my friends, sometimes it’s hard to get them out of the house unless it’s for an event such as a party where they will see 10 other people they haven’t had the time to catch up with, either.

At any rate, corporate birthdays are awkward. You have to sign the bland but cheerful message in the company card, you have to paste on a grin and go attend the corporate party and you have to refrain from wanting to kick certain people whom you normally go to great lengths to avoid. I opt not to eat at these things — it’s an obstacle to a quick getaway to have food in your hands. But I do bring my coffee — gotta stay awake somehow!

And in my case, I was going to go to Mickey D’s to pick up breakfast for Shan and me at 9:30, but now it’ll just have to wait till the par-tay’s over. *Stop growling, stomach!*


I did have half a bagel. They talked about trees and property lines and prom dresses and weather. I threw in a few lines about our avalanche of Gemini birthdays and how many multiple personalities we have in the building, with so many of us bearing the sign of The Twins. God, it (as well as this entry) was boring — let me go impale myself on a letter opener now and end this saga. 🙂

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