Can you smell that smell?

Moved my first load to the new apartment. I was treated to a vomit-scented stairwell at my current abode, and an Eau de Fresh Dung aroma at the new place.

I’m glad I have another 15 days to make this move — I have entirely too much crap. Friends keep asking what they can get me as a housewarming gift (let me point them toward my Amazon Wish List), but then again, do I really need more stuff?!?! < / shameless plug for gifts >

One thing that will NOT be on my wish list is Mariah Carey’s rendition of Def Leppard’s “Bringing on the Heartbreak.” Sweet jesus on a pogo stick, bring on the earplugs!!!

At any rate, a Haunted Housewarming Soiree is on the horizon. I love my new balcony, and once I go back to Pittsburgh for my grill, there will be much meat consumption at my hacienda. 🙂

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