Blown away

It was a nervous night here at Chez Dawn during the “American Idol” finals. I spent the whole hour in a warm foot bath with vanilla-almond bubble bath swirling around my twitching tootsies.

I was nervous because I wanted them both to do well. My boy Clay was nervous at first, no doubt about it. But he and Ruben did spectacularly. Two stars were born tonight.

During the first and second rounds, they alternated fabulousness. I loved Ruben’s performance in Round 1 and Clay’s in Round 2. The other performances simply weren’t their best, but even if those were their worst, they’re still better than most of the Top 40 artists on Billboard right now. But then the guys both came back with a ferocity during their final rounds.

I was torn when it came time to cast my 13 votes, but when it came down to it, Clay gave me goosebumps during “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” so that decided it.

Overall, Ruben is the better performer. But Clay wants it more — you can tell he can taste the sweetness of success. And when it comes down to it, anyone in the Top 5 of “AI” will get a record deal — maybe even the whole Top 10. I didn’t watch the show last year ’cause the contestants weren’t the least bit interesting. This year, the personalities and the talent were top-notch. And no matter who wins and who doesn’t, I’ll be buying all of their CDs when they’re released anyway. 🙂

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