Because my luck wasn’t bad enough


I have half-power in my kitchen. What does that mean? My fridge is on but all my food has thawed out since the storm hit.

I stocked up on all kinds of foods for during/after the storm, not to mention that it’s nice to have food in the house for when you’re, oh, hungry. But now, my stocked-full freezer is warmer than the running water, and everything’s spoiling. So, not like I needed an excuse, but I’m cookin’ up a storm tonight — getting rid of everything that’s going to go bad.

Heh. The saline in my I.V. bags put a good 12 pounds on me, and now I’ll be munching on the contents of my fridge. Oh, yeah, I see a visit to Weight Watchers (or to a plastic surgeon) in the near future, but tonight, we eat! Oompah! 🙂

Update The a/c stopped working. It’s blowing warm air. When does this madness END?!?!

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