As we kick 2011 to the curb…

My balcony *aaahhhh*

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Ever burn the candle at both ends and end up with your ass on fire? That’s about the status quo here these days. Goddess is burned out.

It’s been a mostly quiet week. I got the notice that the market rent on this dump is going up into the two grand area. *hahahahahaaa* So, it’s time to move somewhere I’ll love less but that I can afford.

The person I abhor second-most in this world tried to contact me yesterday. Until there is a check (for two grand-ish — hey, I know .. that’s RENT!) and a BIG FAT APOLOGY coming my way, that person can lose my number. Or at least be standing in the street when the Karma bus loses its brakes.

I told my mom the other day that I want to be a DINK — Double Income, No Kids. She said, “Well, you have two jobs — you got your wish!” Grrrrrr. How about me not being the only asshole who works and drives and works and drives and volunteers and is BURNED RIGHT THE FUCK OUT?

I cannot sustain this pace. And by saying that, it almost sounds like I’m actually keeping up.

Not so much.

I’m doggie-sitting right now and playing referee between her and my very annoyed cat. But at least that’s fun, you know? My eyes aren’t burned-out sunken holes in my skull from staring at a computer, trying to make sense of stuff that takes forever to make sense to me.

I often wonder why I stay in my field when I find it so boring, most days. It’s the people, I guess. It always has been.

Oh, hey, the dog is eating the cat’s food. And another day begins…

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